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Volume Training for serious MASS

5 Nov

A couple weeks ago, I switched up my routine to a volume based training style. The goal is to try and add as much muscle size as I can between now and Christmas. Week 4 is about to start, and so far the results are great!

Volume training is basically a method which uses higher rep and set ranges, but with lower weights. The tempo of the move you are doing is also very important in this style. Slower, more methodical movements with good form are essential. “Time under tension” is an advanced and time honored body building technique. Even with less weight, slower, full range of motion moves stimulate the muscle and promote growth.

My particular routine is a 3 day split — Chest and Back, Legs and Abs, Arms and Shoulders. Each day has a top superset with 10 sets of 10 reps in each set. For example, Chest and Back is a bench press, followed by machine row, with 90 second breaks in between. The cadence is a 4 second lowering of the weight, followed by an explosive, but controlled, move up with the weight. I definitely had to lighten the weight significantly due to the increased difficulty of slower reps… not to mention having to do 100 of each move total! After the main superset, I finish up with 3 sets of 12 reps with two supporting moves. In the chest workout, it’s incline dumbbell flies and lateral pull downs.

In just a few weeks, I’ve already noticed an increase in muscle size! My plan is to keep going with this program through Christmas.

Special note – I am using creatine and Promasil whey shakes during this mass building phase. I’m also eating paleo/primal. My only deviation from paleo is that I use milk once a day in a post workout shake. I’m not counting calories, but just eating when I’m hungry… which turns out to be every 2-3 hours! I haven’t been using the scale, but rather just visually looking at muscle growth and weights used. As long as I look good, and I’m steadily increasing weights, I’m happy for now. After the holidays, I plan on a strict 3 month “cutting” program.