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The “Gluten Free” Myth

24 Oct

When my family and I started eating paleo, I checked out the “gluten free” section of my fancy grocery store. While I knew that paleo is largely about eating natural, single ingredient whole foods, I figured that there must be some goodies tucked away in the “healthy” gluten free section of the grocery store. I was WRONG!

As I picked up a variety of gluten free products (breads, cookies, cereal, pastas, etc.), and read the ingredients, I quickly found out that wheat and gluten were just replaced with another type of filler ingredient. A processed food is a processed food — take out the wheat, and the food companies simply replace it with soy, rice, potato starch, or some other undesirable item.

The up side to my grocery store misfortune was unexpected. When I got home and told my wife what I discovered, we decided to start making our own high quality snacks and paleo-friendly recipes together. We now make large batches of paleo cookies, dinner recipes, nut bars, and other tasty treats using quality whole food ingredients. We make large batches and use our vacuum sealer to freeze things for later use. We get the kids involved too. My girls, ages 5 and 7, help to measure, stir, and add ingredients to our paleo concoctions. We have turned our healthy eating food prep into quality family time! Instead of taking the easy route and buying processed foods in a box, we are now all living healthier, and happier together!