P90X – Phase 3 Begins, 4 weeks to go

13 Jun

OK – I’ve been a bit remiss with the blog!  Not because I’ve quit my workouts, but because I’m working out hard!

On Monday, my wife and I started Phase 3 of P90X… I can hardly believe we are 2/3 done!  I’m really starting to suprise myself with my results!  I’m stronger, leaner, and feel better than I have in my life!

My weight is down 41 lbs since I started – I weighed in at 179 lbs the other day.  My most recent waist measurement is 34.5″, down from 45″ when I started in late January!  I can actually see my abs for the first time in my life!  I’m not quite ripped yet, but my body fat is not in the low/mid teens, aprox 13-14%.

My nutrition continues to be very clean.  I did cheat for the first time last week and I had a small ice cream when I was out with my wife and kids.  So be it!  I’ve steadily increased my calories as I’ve been less focused on losing weight, and mostly interested in building muscle and losing body fat.  It seems to be working.  I’m still losing weight slowly, but my energy levels are great, I’m eating constantly, and I can visibly see my muscles getting larger… and veinier!

In other news, I became a BeachBody coach on Monday!  I’m so excited about my results, that I want to share an hopefully help others make the journey!  If you are interested in BeachBody programs and would have me as your coach, message me, or go to: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/sculptwithdavid

I’m already looking ahead to what comes next.  I ordered Insanity which I plan to start in mid July.  After finishing P90X, and taking a deserved rest week, my wife and I will get insane!  My goal is to continue to shed body fat and build lean muscle.  Insanity seems like the logical choice.  I am assuming that based on where I should finish P90X, Insanity will get me the “ripped” look I set out after… can’t wait!


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