P90X Week Two Completed!

30 Apr

Yesterday I wrapped up week two of p90x.  Proud to report that I’m as motivated today as I was over 100 days ago when I started with dieting and Power 90!  Some quick stats on my change to date:

Starting Measurements:

Weight: 220 lbs, Chest: 45″, Waist: 45″, body fat: ~30%

Current Measurements:

Weight: 186 lbs, Chest: 40.5″, Waist 36″, body fat: ~18%

When I look at those stats, they blow my mind!  I’ve come a long way in just over three months!  I’m not at my goals yet, but I’m working towards them and more confident than ever I can achieve them!

Update on Nutrition – I’ve actually had to increase my calorie intake this past week.  I noticed that I’m losing weight a bit faster than I would like.  Sounds like a good problem to have, but as my primary goals are to increase my strength and reduce body fat, it is essential that I’m taking in enough complex carbs and calories to adequately repair the muscles.  The fat will come off in time, and the more lean muscle mass I build, the easier I will burn the fat.  I adjusted my calories up from 1800 per day to 2000 to see how things go.  I’m going to leave it at this level for weeks three and four and then see where I’m at.

My metabolism has found a new gear since going into p90x!  I was never really starving on Power 90… I ate 5 times a day, and less calories on Power 90, but the increased demands of p90x are calling for more energy!  I’m not actually quite hungry before “feeding times”, and I’m looking forward to food!

My new favorite food has become plain old steel cut oats.  From what I’ve read, these are basically a super food!  Not processed in any way, great complex carbs for muscle repair and energy, and incredibly versatile!  I am eating a large bowl for breakfast, and lately been having one in the afternoon to get the extra calories in.  I mix with banana and pb2, or fruit and 1 tablespoon of organic maple syrup.  It is absolutely delicious and I look forward to eating it all day!  I’m going to take Michi’s ladder to the grocery store the  next time we shop too.  I want to mix in some new foods and new variety as I’m finding that I’m eating pretty much the same stuff every day.  It is all still delicious, but I want to head boredom off at the pass!

This is the last week of the starting routine of p90x.  Next week, the workouts shift around for a “recovery” week, then we get three weeks of a new set of routines.  While p90x is anything but boring and repetitious, this gear switch every few weeks is the bedrock principal of their “muscle confusion” training technique.


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