P90X – Week One Complete

23 Apr

Today marks the beginning of week two on P90X!

Week one was great.  I continue to follow the plan, nutrition and workouts, to the letter!  My only “struggle” with the workouts seemed to be on weight exercises where I took too little, or too much weight and had to pause, etc.  Now I have a baseline, I’m good!  I did download the p90x app for my iPhone.  I’m glad I did because it works like the sheets, recording your weight and reps, but it ties in to the wowy.com site and it can also produce charts/graphs to show your progress over time.  I think visual evidence for my improvements over time will be very motivating!

My nutrition has been somewhat hard to manage.  I have increased my calories to 1800 per day (from approx 1500), and on days I work out and play golf, I try to add another 600-1000 calories.  This is because walking 18 holes and carrying your bag burns 1500+ calories!  Doing that, on top of a p90x workout is pretty demanding stuff, and I want to make sure I’m giving myself enough fuel.  Getting all those calories is hard though!  That is a LOT of food, even with a metabolism that is firing on all cylinders these days!  I’ve figured out the 1800 calorie days at this point, but struggling to add the extra calories on golf days.  I’m going to add natural peanut butter, oatmeal to protein shakes, and just a little bit of everything else to other meals.  Perhaps even add a low carb protein shake before bed.

I’ve been rebalancing my ratios a bit so I’m getting between 40-50% carbs daily, 30-40% protein and 20% or less from fats.  It seems to be working well as I’m continuing to lose my target 1 to 1.5 pounds a week, but my energy levels are good during physical activity.

I feel like I’m really starting to “lean out”.  I have minimal “flab” on my midsection, and I can even see the faint outlines of a six pack coming together!  I’m still not “ripped”, but my sides and upper stomach have the beginnings of some definition.  I believe my body fat is still in the very high teens to 20% range, so I figure it will be mid/later program before I really see some obvious definition.  I’d love to be in the low teens by the end of this round of p90x, but we’ll see!

My wife has done every workout with me so far!  She has also lost close to 9 lbs since we started.  She is also seeing results which is really motivating her.

Tonight is the start of week two… chest and back baby!



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