P90X – Day 1/90

16 Apr

The P90X journey began today!  Chest and Back, followed by Ab Ripper X.  I want to take a few minutes to post some stats, talk about my nutrition, and review the workouts.

Stats – I started P90X at 190 lbs.  My key measurements were 41 chest, 36.5 waist, and as best as I could tell, 20% body fat.  I’m going to try to lose about 1.5 lbs / week, or a total of 15-20 more.  I’m going for a “lean” look with abs, so I think that dropping body fat while maintaining/improving strength is key.

I did 28 good push ups in the fitness test.  I only managed 3 pull ups, but that is better than 0 which is where I was a couple of months ago!

Nutrition – I’m eating a very clean diet, following about 1800 calories per day.  I’m going for about a 50% carb, 30% protein, 20% fat ratio.  Again, I want to drop fat weight, so I’ll be running a calorie deficit equal to about -5000 calories/week, but I need the carbs for intense workouts, playing golf, etc.  I DO NOT want to lose muscle or have decreased strength, so having enough carbs while on a calorie deficit nutrition plan is critical!

I’m continuing to do shakeology.  I LOVE the chocolate!  I think that I’m going to start to mix in Almond milk.  More people I know on these programs are cutting down, or out, dairy.  Even skim milk has a lot of sugar, so I’ll probably use skim milk for post workout shakes.  Then, I’ll do Almond milk with my shakeology.  I also bought PB2.  This is a powdered all natural peanut butter that substantially reduces the fat content.  Chocolate shakeology with peanut butter tastes like a liquid Reese’s Peanut Butter cup!

Workouts – if you are not familiar with P90x workouts, the basic primer is this: they are solid, old-fashioned, proven exercises… and lots of them!  Push ups, pull ups, bicep curls, etc.  The cardio is very intense and switches things up so it is not boring.  There are no “secret” or special moves.  Just lots of hard work and sweat.  P90X is NOT meant for the beginner level!  Having tried p90x before, I can say that after 75 days of Power 90, I was MUCH more prepared for the intensity, but it is still a big step up from Power 90!

Equipment I’m using – I’m using the P90X app for my iPhone which cost about $5.  You can track your workouts and reps, take your photos, and track your measurements and progress all within the app.  I am still using myfitnesspal for my nutrition.  This product is AMAZING!  Not only does it track food, has a bar code scanner, etc., it auto calculates calorie intake based on your weight loss goals, shows a breakdown of your carbs/proteins/fats, and also shows your vitamin/nutrient intake. You can run these reports on daily or weekly measures.  This app is a MUST for anybody monitoring their nutrition.  I’m also using the Wahoo Blue HR monitor.  I love this thing.  Very comfortable to wear, and seems to be very accurate.  It connects to multiple workout apps, and it has its own.  Finally, I’m using the Beachbody brand pull up assist.  Unless you just got out of Marine Corps boot camp and can do pull ups like nobody’s business, I highly recommend this.  It is adjustable so you can lessen the assist you get over time.  It allows me to get a decent number of reps while still feeling like I’m getting a workout.


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