P90X – 5 days and counting to start!

11 Apr

I will begin P90x on 4/16/2012.  I am doing it in a challenge group, set up by my Beachbody coach.  He has been a tremendous resource for me!  Great for inspiration, exercise, and nutrition help!

I’m doing p90x “classic”.  I will be playing golf a few times per week though which will also supplement the workouts.  Golfing and carrying your bag actually burns 1500 calories or so!

I will be increasing my food intake, and changing things slightly.  I’m aiming for a more balanced diet that will be 45% carbs, 35% protein and 20% fat.  My goal is to slow my weight loss (shooting for about 1 lb per week), while maximizing my fat loss and strength increase.  With my p90x and golf, I’m estimating about 2400 calories per day… that’s a lot of food!

Today I bought the Wahoo Blue HR.  It is an iphone 4S compatible heart rate monitor.  I’m going to benchmark my p90x workouts so I can get accurate calorie burn amounts, as well as my golfing.  I’m going to track EVERYTHING very meticulously so I know I’m doing things right!

Very excited to get going.  I’ll post my fitness test results and weigh in and measurements before I get going on Monday!  For the rest of the week, it is going to be just cardio.  I tweaked my shoulder and it is getting better.  I want it 100% for when I start.


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