Pre P90X Week

9 Apr

OK – so a few changes to discuss.  First, I’m continuing to melt off pounds.  I look and feel as good as I have in YEARS!  I weighed in today at 191, down another two pounds on the week.  I’ve lost 29 pounds since starting roughly 9 weeks ago!  Second, I have committed to a P90X challenge group which will begin on April 16, 2012!

The P90X challenge group is organized by my Beachbody coach.  It is a group of his students who all agree to start and finish a round of P90X together.  The idea is that everybody pledges to do it, and we all help in keeping each other accountable.  Research indicates that people who work out in a collective like this are more likely to stick with the program they are on.  I’m still feeling extremely motivated, so I don’t think I need a support group, but it surely can’t hurt!

I tweaked my shoulder a couple of weeks ago and it continues to bother me a bit.  As such, I’m going to just do cardio this week and ease off the push ups and lifting moves that seemed to bother it.  I’ve been advised that if you go from one program to another, it is good to have a “rest” week.  My plan is to do the fitness test later in the week, perhaps Friday.

My wife has also started the  workouts and nutrition plan.  She is also doing great and down about 8 lbs so far.  She’s amost at her goal weight already, as she didn’t have much to lose in the first place.

Goals for P90X.  I’m going to map out some concrete goals for P90X.  I plan to stay on a fat shredder type diet for most, if not all, of hte 13 weeks of p90x.  I’m guessing that I’ll be starting at around 189 lbs based on my current weight loss trend.  I’d like to lose weight still, but I’m much more concerned with body fat % reduction.  I have calipers that I’ll be using to test my body fat throughout the program.  I’ll also be taking measurements.  My primary goal will be to reduce my body fat % as much as possible.  I’m really after the “6 pack” abs look.  I know that the workouts are important, but 80% + of my work will be because of nutrition.  I’m going to continue with Shakeology.  I’m using myfitnesspal to track EVERYTHING I’m eating.  I believe I will be using an 1800 calorie a day fat shredder nutrition plan to start.  I’ll reassess based on results and energy level as needed, or every 30 days.

I don’t know my exact body fat % right now, but I would guess that it is high teens to 20%.  I think I need to get to 10 or better to hit my abs goal!

Myfitnesspal is a GREAT ap!!! A must have for anybody trying to watch their nutrition.  You can scan bar codes, see your protein/fat/carb ratios, monitor friends progress, etc.  It is superior to the WW app I used in every way, and it is FREE!  Plan to use this for a long time to come.

Also ordered a Wahoo Blue Heart Rate monitor.  I’m very interested to see my calorie burn when I play golf, and do my workouts.  I’m going to be tracking calories burned and consumed very, very carefully while on the program because I have such ambitious goals.  This product syncs via blue tooth with my iphone, as well as other apps that are fitness oriented.  Should be interesting.


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