Mid Program Food Discussion

26 Mar

I have had a lot of people ask me about what foods I’m eating, what I’m staying away from, and how I eat, so I decided to do a post about this.

Generally speaking, I’m following a “fat shredder” type diet plan.  This means I’m limiting the amount of carbs I eat, but not eliminating them.  I’m maximizing the amount of lean protein, as well as nutrient dense veggies.

I’m eating approximately 5 times a day, and between 1300 and 1500 calories normally.  I’ll break things down by typical meals to give you a “typical” day.

Breakfast – 6 egg white omelet with veggies, some amount of cheese for flavor (low-fat or no fat though).  I usually eat one packet of instant quaker oatmeal too.  I’ll often add extra fresh fruit to it.  Other days, I’ll eat 3 eggs over easy cooked with non fat cooking spray, and a piece of wheat toast, or half a multi grain bagel.

Morning Snack – almost always shakeology.   Some days, I’ll throw in a tablespoon of Peanut Butter, which makes it even more delicious!

Lunch – salad with some type of lean meat, or a sandwich.  I try to stay away from sandwiches all the time, sometimes substituting soup with some rolled up turkey on the side for protein.  If I don’t have soup, I’ll usually have lunch with a glass of low sodium spicy V8.

Afternoon Snack – 8oz of skim milk with one scoop of whey protein.  I did some research and I picked Gold Standard Isolated Whey protein.  The flavor is pretty good, it is very low in calories and carbs (14o and 4 respectively), and it isn’t “chalky” like many protein powders.

Dinner – a lean protein like Chicken, lean steak, fish, ham, or something similar.  Veggie and/or salad.  I try to stay away from carbs, but if I have them it is brown rice or whole grain rice, 1 piece of wheat bread, or something along those lines.

I follow beachbody nutrition guidelines like: 1) drink lots of water throughout the day, 2) do not eat 3 hours before bed time (this is a big one for lots of reasons I won’t get into but very important), 3) eating smaller meals more frequently, 4) tracking everything to keep yourself honest!

Some of the stuff I buy regularly at the store are: egg whites, lots of fresh veggies (brocoli, carrots, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, etc.), chicken breast, low sodium/low fat deli meats like skinless turkey, boiled ham, skim milk, non fat yogurt, low/non fat cheese, steel cut oats and/or quaker oatmeal instant packets, whole grain breads, brown rice, wild rice, buckwheat pancake mix, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas.


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