Day 52

26 Mar

I’m more than half way done with my Power 90 journey!  In the last few weeks, I’m noticing real changes in my physical appearance, which have served as a uneeded, but still welcomed, boost to my confidence and faith in the program!

Over the last week or so, I’ve bumped into golf buddies at my course who haven’t seen me all winter.  Mostly all are commenting on how much thinner and/or fit I look!  I’ve also noticed bigger changes in the mirror when looking at my mid section and arms.  Far from being ripped, but I’m seeing bits of definition I haven’t seen in a LONG time!

Today was a weigh in day, and I’m at 195.5 lbs.  I lost 2.4 pounds in the last week alone!  I think the 3 rounds of golf I played where I walked and carried my bags helped a bit.  I had no idea, but walking 18 holes and carrying your bag is about a 1500 calorie burn over the 4.5 hours it takes to play!

I added Whey Protein this week to my diet.  I’m having shakeology for one snack, and a whey protein shake for the other snack.  I’m still trying to burn fat as a primary goal, but I’d like to start to improve my muscle-building and strength as I gear up for p90x.

I’m considering a move to p90x early.  Power 90 is becoming less challenging all the time (which is good), and a bit mundane, alternating between two workouts all the time.  I have decided to rotate in the Cardio X from P90x, as well as the Fat Burner Express routine that came with my Power 90 to keep things a bit fresh.  I plan on starting P90X using the pull up assist product from Beachbody, which is currently on back order.  I am sure that I can’t do pull ups well yet, so I will keep with Power 90 for now and reassess when I get my pull up assist band.  I think that stepping up to P90x will be the right thing to do.  I’m loving my results, I’m very committed, and I think I’m in the right condition and frame of mind to attack P90x now!

I did tweak my shoulder a bit last week.  I’ve decided to take my rest day today and give it some time to recover.  I’ll see how it is tomorrow.  If still sore, my plan is to do a cardio routine tomorrow, then jump back into circuit if it is ok.  If not, I may do cardio for a few days and give the lifting a rest.  Given that I’m considering an early jump to P90X anyway, I’m not worried about getting behind a few days in the program because of missing a couple of circuit routines.


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