Week 5 Complete – Through Day 35 of Power 90

9 Mar

Today I completed Week 5 which brought me through Day 35 of Power 90.  I hit a milestone today as I successfully got through ALL of Ab Ripper 200!  It took at least 2 weeks or so to get through Ab Ripper 100, and only about a week and a half to get through double the routine.

Cardio 3-4 is not materially different from 1-2, but the little bit extra definitely makes you work!  Today was my best workout in Cardio 3-4.  I felt like I got through the early high impact and x-work stuff more easily than ever before.  The routine runs the risk of becoming monotonous, and if that happens, I’ll start to rotate in Cardio X, Kenpo X, or the Fat Burner Cardio DVDs I have from P90X.

Circuit 3-4 is going fine.  It is harder, and a bigger increase in difficulty, than the cardio.  The increase in squats alone was tough to adjust to the first few times I did it.  The extra round of exercises is not that bad however, and I’m glad I’m working new areas like forearms and calfs.

Looking back I’m very happy with my progress to date.  My nutrition has been very solid.  I’ve not “cheated” on anything, and I’m learning bits and pieces about eating the right foods.  My diet still consists of mostly lean protein and veggies.  I’m limiting the carbs I eat, and when I do eat them, I’m focusing on high quality whole grains.  For example, today I had a buckwheat pancake with blueberries, and I don’t plan on having any other breads or starches.

I still continue to shed pounds.  I’m due to weigh in on Sunday morning, but I’d guess I’m going to be just above 200 lbs.  That will put me at almost 20 lbs lost since I started (6 weeks in total).

I feel great… lots of energy, consistent good mood, sleeping very well, and just feel “healthier”.  I’m not even half way done, but I’m looking forward to getting through Power 90 and progressing to P90X!


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