Get Fit With David

12 Feb

My name is David.  I’m 34 years old, married, and I have two wonderful children (with a third on the way)!

Over the last 7 years, I’ve gradually gained weight, become more and more sedentary, and really let myself go.  In the last 6 months or so, I knew my weight and fitness level were hitting all-time levels.  I stepped on the scale and I was shocked to see 220.3 lbs!  When I graduated from college, I was a fit 175… what had happened?!?!

I decided enough was enough… I had to do something for myself and my family.  I felt bad, looked bad, and knew that if things kept going my health would be bad.

I’m starting this blog to 1) keep myself accountable to my fitness goals, and 2) hopefully give others something to get them motivated.

My Goals

My measurable goals are twofold.  First, I want to lose 50 lbs.  According to my recommended weight, I should be between 145 and 174.  I’ve set a target weight of 170.  I have a large frame and 170 would be lighter than I was in college when I was active and pretty fit.  I think this is ambitious, but achievable.  Second, I want to look good without a shirt!  I want to “get ripped” and see a six-pack on the beach this summer.  I know that this is a lofty goal given where I’m starting, but I think I can do it!

Starting Point

On day 1, I weighed in at 220 lbs.  I had a 45″ waist, a 45 inch chest.

How I Started – Weight Watchers

A few years back, I agreed to do Weight Watchers with my wife after having our first child.  The program actually worked and I did lose weight.  1-3 lbs a week on average.  Like so many others, I gave up after a month or so and lapsed back into bad habits.  I knew that Weight Watchers would help me trim down though, so I signed up!

In the first week, I lost 6.8 lbs!  I loved the new Points Plus program because it was easy to do.  It also had an iPhone app that allowed me to calculate food point values at the grocery store, or as I prepared meals/snacks at home.  My phone is always with me, so having this tethered device really makes me feel accountable throughout the day.  I also threw out all my bad eating habits… no junk, lots of veggies and lean proteins.  I hardly ever feel hungry, and if I find myself hungry, it is usually when a meal/snack is due.

Power 90

A few years ago, my wife and I did P90X and we just about got through the whole thing.  It was INTENSE!  I knew that it was too much for me to take on right now, so I did some research and I found Power 90.  Also by the same company and trainer, BeachBody and Tony Horton, Power 90 is basically P90X-light.  The workouts are shorter (about 35 minutes vs. 55-90 minute P90X workouts), and they involve exercises that are more customizable to a lower/intermediate fitness level.  For example, Power 90 has NO pull ups.  You workout 6 days a week, and have 1 day off.  The routines alternate between a full body workout with dumbbells or resistance bands, followed by a cardio and abs routine.

My hope is that with Power 90 I’ll get myself back into good enough shape where I can transition to P90X in early May.


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